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Your Birth may be in Any Date, Any Zodiac, Any Star, Any Lagnam, Any Religion
But the best time - the best period in your life should be in your Horoscope. This is undisputed truth, absolute fact, a flawless factor. This is not a normal statement. A research findings of various methods like

Horoscope & Fingerprint Analysis with the support of Rules & Regulations of the Universe which sets Yoga Palangal (Blessed Benefits)

Paava Punyangal (sins & bliss)
Parigaara Nanmaigal (Remedies & Relief) and as per the theories of

  • ◙ Enn Kanitha Saasthram
  • ◙ Deiva Prasanna Saasthram
  • ◙ Macha Saasthram
  • ◙ Mantra, Yantra, Tantra Saasthram
  • ◙ Saamuthrika Saasthram
  • ◙ Pancha Bhootha Saasthram
  • ◙ Parigaara Saasthram
  • ◙ Adhishta Rathna Saasthram
  • ◙ And Astro Bioridha Saasthram

The final derivation from these are everyone will get everything. This encouraging findings provides a path for prosperity. This is a message for the mankind by
Lion Dr.K.Ram, Ph.D. (U.S.A)
Sarvamatha Jothida Maharishi

Manitharul Manickam,Mahathma Gandhi,Saadhanai Sigaram
Aanmeega Semmal title from the Governor of Tamil Nadu

For the contribution in the field of Jothidam & Aanmeegam. His communication with clarity, the detailed explanation about different aspects of Saanam, Meignyaanam and the modern Science.
To meet in person for Registration & Appointment.
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