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  • ◙ With talent struggling & poverty?
  • ◙ Fighting with Fate?Fighting with Fate?
  • ◙ Living with depression?
  • ◙ Despite best efforts no progress?
  • ◙ Kalasaasthram not proper for girls
  • ◙ Infertility for females?
  • ◙ Mantras & Yantras no use..?
  • ◙ Navarathnam, name change no effects?
  • ◙ Numerology & letter change no elevation?

Your yoga palans which are fixed in mothers womb itself will be provided by your Vamsavali Kuladeivam’s blessings & favourable God's anugraha are blended together in the form of Vamsa Virutcham
In a Bramha Muhurtha Pooja, with Muppathu Mukkodi Devar's Moola Mantra's a miracle emerged - Vamsa Virutcham.
As per Deiva Prasanna Saasthram, beyond valarpirai & theipirai theories created Vamsa Virutcham
Saashtra's & Pithroo's curses will be set aside by Kulaideivam's blessings. This blessings will bring you Navagraha's blessings and pancha bootha baagyam as a whole.
To avail, buy Vamsa Virutcham

“Ashtami - will kill problems”,“Navami - Good blessings in plenty”,“Amavasya - elder's blessings”,“Pournami - Curtail Curses”,“Pradhamai - Will avoid ailments”,“Chandrashtamam - gives disturbance”,“Archanai - No Prachanai”,“Pradhosham - No Doshams”,“Chathurthi - Problem Nivarthi”,“Yegadesi - enhancing your elevations”

With all this support we created this Vamsa Virutcham.Unwanted worries & queries will go, victories will come with this Vamsa Virutcham. To place possible problems beyond doorsteps buy Vamsa Virutcham. Spiritual Miracle Vamsa Virutcham. All yogams will be in full.
Lost Fortune
Lost Prestige
Seperated Families
Forgotten Happiness
All the above will be regained by spiritual miracle of Vamsa Virutcham
If your life is full of questions with no possible answers, buy Vamsa Virutcham, which will transform all your problems into hassle free Happy Life.
A human may be left alone by parents & relataives, but not by spirituality. This deep rooted fact well spread across the globe and for this Rewards and Awards obtained by
Lion Dr.K.Ram, Ph.D. (U.S.A)
Sarvamatha Jothida Maharishi

With 30 years of his experience in Spiritual Research and as per Pancha Bhootha saasthram guidelines he created this Vamsa Virtcham
Everyone to get everything… Buy & get benefits Vamsa Virutcham

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