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Fame & fortune is absolutely possible if there is a scope and hope in one's Horoscope. Engulfed by enormous luck but not favouring for enjoyment?
Struggling and standing alone?
One way to stay away from this.
Buy and get beneffited from this “Vamsa Virutcham”

  • 1.Nava Devathai Pooja for day full free from trouble.
  • 2. Natshathra Devathai Pooja, to bag the best opportunities.
  • 3. Dhana Dhanya Devathai Pooja for business success
  • 4. Virutcha Devathai Pooja, for home & vehicle yogam
  • 5. Dhana Devathai Pooja, to enhance cash flow
  • 6. Dharma Devathai Pooja, to increase dhana varavu
  • 7. Thithi Devathai Pooja, to change the fate line towards fortune
  • 8. Kula Devathai Pooja, for Kubera Sambathu
  • 9. Atchaya Devathai Pooja, for Aishwarya Yogam
  • 10. Ashtalakshmi Pooja, for bulk luck.
  • 11. Swarna Devathai Pooja, for Gold Ornament Collections
  • 12. Pithru Devathai Pooja, to clear Brammahathi Dhosham
  • 13. Kali Durga Devathai Pooja, to clear Raagu Kedhu Dhosham
  • 14. Pushpa Devathai Pooja, for the Karma clearance
  • 15. Sathru Devathai Pooja, to eradicate Puthra Dhosham
  • 16. Angaraka Devathai Pooja, to eliminate Sevvaai Dhosham
  • 17. Sarpa Devathai Pooja, to eliminate Sarpa Dosham
  • 18. Arumuga Pooja, to elevate life style

All these above Athi Devathai Pooja's blended in Vamsa Virutcham.
Rewards and Awards obtained by

Lion Dr.K.Ram, Ph.D. (U.S.A)
Sarvamatha Jothida Maharishi

With 30 years experience in Spiritual Research and as per Pancha Bhootha saasthram guidelines created Vamsa Virtcham,
Everyone to get everything buy & get benefits “Vamsa Virutcham”

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